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Raise The Bar Pro

2.99 usd

Raise the Bar is a Productivity, Goal Tracking, and ToDo List app.Simply put: use bars to track things.BenefitsVisually observing progress helps us to feel invested in completing our goals. The short and long term interaction with these goals can help build and maintain focus as well as increase development of solidified habits, all through reminders, statistics, and rewarded progression.
The PRO version of Raise the Bar is proud to bring you:
*NO ADS!!!!*Goal Widgets*Task Widgets ( Android 4.0 >)*Patterns for bars*Unlimited Reminders*More goodies in the future!

PurposeWe created RTB to have a fun way to "Level Up" different aspects of our lives.You can use it seriously, for important Goals you want to keep track of, or you can use it playfully, for anything you can think up. Simply make a new bar and start Tracking the amount you do something, start a timer to automatically track the time you spend doing it, or make a List of ToDo's to check off what you've done! What are you waiting for? Go Level Up your life!!
Features- Active Time Tracking- Set Goals to Achieve- ToDo List- Custom Reminders for Goal/List- Unlimited Goals!- Color Your Lists and Goal Bars!- Daily/Weekly/Monthly Stats- Editable Data! (edit in daily bar graph)- Time/Amount Tracking- Level Up by tracking Experience Points (XP)- Export to CSV- FAQ section for help
How does it work?1. Name the Activity to Track. (Be creative!)
2. Pick category of bar: Level Up, Achieve Goal, or List (more information in FAQ)
3.You choose the type: Time spent or # of "Reps."(Activities can often be Tracked with either type, so choose freely!)
ExamplesTime Spent*Running*Reading*Sketching*Sleeping*Chemistry*Halo/COD/BF4/WoW/TF2/Minecraft/LoL/etc.*Piano
Amount (#)*Calories Eaten*Miles Ran*Books/Pages Read*Beers Drank*Hours Slept*Pull-Ups*Cities Visited
ToDo List Examples:*Groceries*Workouts*Christmas Shopping*Homework*Errands

Help and SupportEmail:
**Please send us feedback so we can make the app even better! Your comments/questions help us make a better game for EVERYONE!! (And seriously, we'll probably implement most things you ask us just ASK!!)**